Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 Book 3: The Clowns of God

Book #:3
Book Title:The Clowns of God
Author:Morris West
Publisher:Wings Books (Random House)
Pub. Date:1993 (my version); 1981 (original)
Started:January 7, 2008
Finished:January 11, 2008
Time to Read:4 Days
Back Cover / Inside Flap:"The reigning Pope, Gregory XVII, has spent a lifetime quietly serving the Church he loves - until he announces a prophecy so alarming, so dangerous that it threatens to tear the Vatican apart. Now the Cardinals must decide what to do about Pope Gregory and his fantastic vision. Is he mad - or is this an elaborate plot to gain supreme power? One thing is certain - Gregory must be silenced before the consequences of his predictions destroy the Church itself..."
Review:Let me just tell you that the description on the flap is the worst part of this book. The inscription up-plays events that are more or less tangential to the overall plot itself. The actual story being told in The Clowns of God is that of the End Times - when are they coming, what will be the final event to bring on the Rapture, and what will the world be like afterwards for those who remain?

This is my favorite book. Ever. And considering that I have read thousands of books, I don't say that lightly. In this story, I have found more about the meaning of life and faith than through any other source except the Bible itself. This novel moves me in ways I can't even articulate - as soon as I'm done with one reading, I'm always ready to start over immediately with the next. From the first time I read this book in 11th grade English to today, I've probably read it 20 times - and each time, I find some snippet, some meaning that I hadn't seen before.

Professor Carl Mendelius is contacted by outgoing Pope Gregory to aid in sharing the true story of his abdication and his vision of the End Times. A former priest turned loving husband/father and pedantic instructor at a religious university, Mendelius is drawn to help his old friend, although he has trouble in believing Pope Gregory's vision of what is to come. As the plot churns masterfully forward, the lives of many are thrown into turmoil - while the world follows quickly behind in the setting of a US/USSR nuclear pissing match. As the end draws near - both for the book and the world - a revelation is made so stunning that it brings me to tears nearly every time. This revelation shows that hope exists; love thrives; and life sustains.

Whether you are Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or agnostic, you can find messages in this book that will forever change your life. I highly, highly recommend.

If you have read or are planning to read this book, please make sure to stop back by and leave me a comment to let me know your own thoughts!

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Belinda@upsidedownbee said...

Thanks for the review. Our book club just selected this book for March. I'm sending them a link to your review. I hope we enjoy it half as much as you have! B.