Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 Book 7: Here I Stay

Book #:7
Book Title:Here I Stay
Author:Barbara Michaels
Pub. Date:1983
Started:January 25, 2008
Finished:January 26, 2008
Time to Read:2 Days
Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Turning a decrepit old mansion into a beautiful country inn isn't easy, but for Amanda Torgesen, the hard work is exactly what her younger brother, Jim, needs after a serious car accident. Or, so she think - until Jim is haunted by unearthly voices and eerie visions, and becomes obsessed with a long-neglected graveyard. Suddenly, the impossible becomes terrifyingly possible and Andrea must battle an evil force that threatens to destroy their lives."
Review:I love Barbara Michaels. I have since middle school. She's one of the only authors that writes both romance and paranormal that I actually enjoy. And boy do I enjoy her...all of my Barbara Michaels books have been read so many times that their spines are totally busted and some are even held together by binder clips.

In Here I Stay, the reader is immediately and intimately drawn into the world of Jim and Andrea Torgeson, a brother and sister who literally depend upon one another for survival. Andrea has raised Jim since an accident claimed their father and step-mother when he was quite young...and now the struggles of his younger years pale in comparison to the new life they must forge after Jim loses a leg in a car wreck and sees his active life dwindle to a stop.

The character emotions are raw, believable, and totally bring the story to life. The story line - although set over two decades ago - is set in a timeless manner and will captivate readers for years to come.

You won't want to put down this story until you reach the last page - and when you reach the end, you'll be left wondering what to do next, now that the story is over. With a twist both heartwarming and heartwrenching (who knew the two could co-exist), you're in for a treat from start to finish.

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