Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2008 Book 19: Sandcastles

Book #:19
Book Title:Sandcastles
Author:Luanne Rice
Pub. Date:2006
Started:March 9, 2008
Finished:March 12, 2008
Time to Read:4
Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Painter Honor Sullivan had the perfect love, the perfect life, with her husband, a renowned photogrpher and sculptor - until the day John's passions led him to disaster, shattering their family and her heart. Since then, Honor has struggled to make a safe haven for herself and their three daughters at Star of the Sea Academy on the magical Connecticut shore.

Now, years later, a mysterious letter in a familiar hand hints at John's return to the family he's always loved more than anything on earth. It will take nothing short of a miracle to heal the rift between father and daughters, husband and wife, the past and the present - but a miracle is exactly what is in the making at Star of the Sea Academy. The only question is: Do you believe?"

Review:Skip it. Pass.

Unfortunately, even a semi-interesting plot can't save this book. The characters are shallow, the writing is poor, and the story line is jumpy. Instead of establishing Honor as a character to be pities, I feel only scorn. She's not much of a wife if she cuts of contact with her husband simply because he's in jail for killing a man in defense of their daughter. I mean, seriously.

This is a book that makes much ado about nothing. The author attempts to build suspense and hint at the paranormal, but fails.


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