Monday, April 7, 2008

2008 Book 27: The Passage

Book #:27
Book Title:The Passage

Author:David Poyer

Publisher:St. Martin's Press

Pub. Date:February 1997


Started:April 3, 2007

Finished:April 7, 2007

Time to Read:5 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"The Navy's most sophisticated destroyer, the USS Barrett carries a top-secret computer that can pilot an unmanned ship and send it into battle. As the weapons officer charged with its first mission, Lieutenant Dan Lenson has a chance to make naval history.

But when the system develops a sinister virus and a sailor takes his own life amid ugly allegations, Lenson finds himself caught in a web of betrayal. Now, on the treacherous Windward Passage between the U.S. and Cuba, he'll undergo the ultimate test of honor and faith - one that could cost him his career, his ship, and even his life."

Review:I confess that I have a huge amount of love for reading books with authentic military settings. I'm not talking about those silly books that use a military setting as an incidental occurrence, replete with inaccurate descriptions and weak storylines. I won't book bash in this blog, but I'm sure ya'll know what I mean!

David Poyer knows the Navy, and writes with conviction. Set in a world where the USSR is still a super-power, the reader is drawn into the intrigue and constant thread of underlying fear that accompanied the Cold War. Wherever technical or military/naval terms were used, Poyer handled with nice and neat explanations designed to build knowledge instead of point out ignorance. With subplots unfurling almost as quickly as the main story itself, this book is fast moving and not a page is wasted. Grab a copy today!

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