Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008 Book 29: On the Street Where You Live

Book #:29

Book Title:On the Street Where You Live

Author:Mary Higgins Clark

Publisher:Pocket Books

Pub. Date:April 2002


Started:April 13, 2008

Finished:April 16, 2008

Time to Read:4 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Following a nasty divorce and the trauma of being stalked, criminal defense attorney Emily Graham leaves Albany to work in Manhattan. Craving roots, she buys her ancestral home, a Victorian house in the seaside resort town of Spring Lake, New Jersey. Her family sold the house in 1892, after one of Emily's forebears, Madeline Shapley, then a young girl, disappeared.

As the house is renovated and a pool dug, a skeleton is found and identified as Martha Lawrence, a young Spring Lake woman who vanished several years ago. Within her hand is the finger bone of another woman, with a ring - a Shapley family heirloom - still on it. Determined to find the connection between the two murders, Emily becomes a threat to a seductive killer...who choose her as the next victim."

Review:The Queen of Suspense is at it again, and I can only apologize that it's taken me 28 prior books in 2008 to reach one by Clark, who is easily one of my favorite authors. Quite honestly, as an aspiring writing myself, I could only hope to have half the talent that is evident in every book she pens.

If you are familiar with Clark, you know that she writes many of her stories (I dare not trust my memory and say "all") by rote. There is a strong heroine who, typically through no fault of her own, is quickly embroiled in suspense and must work throughout the novel to unveil the who, the what and the why. Along the way, several potential suitors are unveiled...but any one of them could be the very force she is working against!

This book doesn't stray from that pattern, but I want to be very careful to tell you that although many of Clark's tales follow what may seem like a script, each are very unique, with a focus that could be ripped from the current headlines. Emily is built up as a highly capable yet victimized main character, and one can't help but yearn to find out what happens next as this book quickly works its way from start to finish. The male love interests are especially intriguing in this novel, and the reader can find herself cheering for one particular man to shake himself to the top of the pile...while hoping against hope that he's not, in fact, the bad guy. This one will keep you guessing to the end, and I have enjoyed reading it over and over again. Your turn!

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