Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 Book 32: The Cat Who Went Into the Closet

Book #:32

Book Title:The Cat Who Went Into the Closet

Author:Lilian Jackson Braun


Pub. Date:March 1994




Time to Read:1 Day

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Qwill's moved into the Gage mansion - and the cats are on a treasure hunt! The house's fifty closets are crammed with several generations of junk, and while Qwill investigates two recent deaths - those of the mansion's former occupant and a local potato farmer - Koko investigates the contents of the closets. Qwill and the cats are unearthing some surprising skeletons - and bringing long-buried secrets to light..."

Review:On the way home from school one day during the 7th grade, seated on the bus with my friend Becky, I noticed she was reading a book that had a captivating title: The Cat Who Could Read Backwards. She gladly loaned me the book to read when she finished, and a love affair with Lilian Jackson Braun and her captivating characters was born.

Qwill - it's a "w", not a "u" - is a lovable loaf of a journalist-turned-philanthropist who plays Dad to two lovable felines: Koko and Yum Yum. These kitties are anything but house cats, however. When there's a mystery to be solved, they can usually be found sniffing out clues. In this book, something like the 15th that's a part of the series, Qwill changes his residence for the winter and finds more than just a new address: there's a treasure trove waiting for him, left behind by several generations of a local family, all tucked away in a zillion different closets. He uses those treasures not only to turn out a successful one-man show, but also to get to the crux of two deaths - one that occurred locally, and another thousands of miles away. How the two connect and the mystery is solved is for Koko to know...and you, the reader, to find out. Go immerse yourself in the world of The Cat Who today!

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