Sunday, May 4, 2008

2008 Book 37: Trunk Music

Book #:37
Book Title:Trunk Music

Author:Michael Connelly

Publisher:St. Martin's

Pub. Date:March 1998


Started:May 2, 2008

Finished:May 4, 2008

Time to Read:3 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Detective Harry Bosch is back on the job and working on the hottest murder investigation in Hollywood. The body of a movie producer has been found stuffed into the trunk of his Rolls, and to Harry the evidence seems to say it all: it's "trunk music," a Mafia production. The money trail leads from L.A. to Las Vegas, and Harry's determined to get to the bottom of things - but he's making some powerful enemies along the way. And, as if he wasn't knee-deep in trouble already, he's about to take the biggest gamble of all - on love. Mixing business with pleasure: it's the kind of parlay that could drive Harry to distraction...and into an early grave, Vegas-style."


Review:The back cover of this book alludes to the fact that the main character, Harry Bosch, is back in action. But as someone who hasn't read any other novels focusing on Harry Bosch, I can tell you that this is a great stand-alone book that you can easily dive into without having read any others in the group.

In Hollywood, the unexpected is often expected. And so a small-time movie producer ending up in the trunk of his own Silver Cloud isn't exactly stopping the presses...but when the trail leads far and away from his struggling movie enterprises in LA and to the murky underworld of Las Vegas, it seems like the odds are on the house. Don't let this book fool you into falling for the predictable, however...there are two more big twists that will leave the reader hanging on the edge until the final words are read. In the end, the justice meted out could only be fitting for those whose lives revolve around the silver screen. Highly recommend - Connelly is a fabulous writer.

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