Sunday, May 11, 2008

2008 Book 39: Sam's Letters to Jennifer

Book #:39

Book Title:Sam's Letters to Jennifer

Author:James Patterson

Publisher:Little, Brown and Company

Pub. Date:2004


Started:May 8, 2008

Finished:May 10, 2008

Time to Read:3 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Dear Reader,

Have you ever gotten a letter that changed your life completely?

It happened to me once. I can still feel the urgency that overtook me as I opened the envelope and the hunger I felt for whatever that letter would say. It seemed as if my entire life hung in the balance as I read.

Sam's Letters to Jennifer is a novel about that kind of drama. In it, a woman is summoned back to the town where she grew up. And in the house where she spent her most magical years she finds a series of letters addressed to her. Each of those letters is a piece of a story that will completely upend the world she thought she knew - and throw her into a love more powerful than she ever imagined could be possible. Two extraordinary love stories are entwined here, full of hope and pain and emotions that never die down.

I hope you'll enjoy this novel as much as I've enjoyed writing it. It's not often that you get a letter that changes your life. But it should happen to everyone at least once.


(x) James Patterson (x)

Review:Nope, I didn't accidentally leave my finger on the star key for two long - here is an example of a Patterson book I truly enjoyed! It's odd, however. With this book, as well as when I read a borrowed copy of Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas a few years ago, I feel like this isn't even Patterson writing. Not only is the style markedly different, it's as though Nicholas Sparks briefly inhabits his body and forces him to put out something that's worth reading!

Jennifer is beyond shaken when a phone call demands her return to the lakeside town where she spent her childhood. Her only remaining family, her grandmother and best friend, is on death's door, and this leaves her frantic to call on the ties they've shared in the past. But her grandmother has secrets to reveal - through a series of short letters - that could turn Jennifer's world upside down. All the while, romance comes to find Jennifer, originating most unexpectedly. But when that romance encounters a hiccup that threatens to turn into a hemorrhage, Jennifer faces the prospect of losing it all, all at once. How she pushes through and pieces together her own life at the end is what makes this story magical. Definitely recommend.

If you have read or are planning to read this book, please make sure to stop back by and leave me a comment to let me know your own thoughts!

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