Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 Book 59: The Face

Book #:59

Book Title:The Face

Author:Dean Koontz


Pub. Date:2003


Started:June 23, 2008

Finished:June 26, 2008

Time to Read:4 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"He's Hollywood's most dazzling star, who inspires the worship of millions and the hatred of one twisted soul. His perfectly ordered existence is under siege as a series of terrifying "messages" penetrates the security of his legendary estate. All that stands between him and an insidious killer is a weary ex-cop who has already seen his own death.

Enter a world of marvelous invention, enchantment, and implacable intent, populated by murderous actors and the walking dead, hit men and heroes, long-buried dreams and never-dying hope. Dean Koontz takes readers on an unforgettable journey to the heart of darkness and to the pinnacle of grace, with a brilliantly observed chronicle of good and evil in our time, of illusion and everlasting truth."

Review:Enter a world where the underside of Hollywood clashes with the richie rich and well protected. The Face, who I picture as someone like Tom Cruise, is virtually untouchable. In fact...he's not in a single scene in the book! It's truly a mastercraft when the "main character" never appears. Instead, we enter the life of The Face through his body guard, an ex-cop turned security maven, and his kid, the irresistible Fric. Between the two, they'll solve a circumstance so odd that it can only come from the mind of Koontz. Fast paced with intriguing characters - I recommend.

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