Thursday, July 3, 2008

2008 Book 61: Code to Zero

Book #:61

Book Title:Code to Zero

Author:Ken Follett


Pub. Date:2000


Started:June 30, 2008

Finished:July 3, 2008

Time to Read:4 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"A man wakes to find himself lying on the ground in a railway station. He does not remember how he got there. He has forgotten where he lives. He cannot even remember his own name.

So begins Code to Zero, Ken Follet's explosive tale of intrigue, espionage, and conspiracy. It's January 1958 - a dark hour in the Cold War, and the early dawn of the space race. At Cape Canaveral, a countdown has begun. On launch pad 26B sits Explorer I, America's best hope to match the Soviet Sputnik and regain the lead in the contest for the skies above.

Caught in this mighty struggle between superpowers are four old friends from Harvard. Bound together by the past and separated by war, each knows that Explorer's failure to be anything less than a triumphant success would have disastrous consequences for the United States. And as Luke Lucas starts to unravel the mystery of his amnesia and relearn the story of his life, his desperate search leads him back to his Harvard friends: to his wife, to his best friend, to the woman he once loved more than life itself...and to the realization that his fate is tied to the rocket that stands ready at the Cape. For Luke knew something that someone deliberately wanted him to forget, and unless he is able to discover his own terrible deadly secret, Luke may be left powerless to save the launch of the Explorer - and with it, America's future."

Review:Ken Follett is a master of taking the reader inside of a story. Not only are great characters introduced, not only is an intriguing storyline produced, not only is the writing masterful...but everything ties together masterfully. You don't just get introduced to these characters - you get inside their heads. You aren't simply reminded of life in the Cold War - you relive it. I love this book and I think you will too!

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