Friday, November 14, 2008

2008 Book 99: In the Presence of Enemies

Book #:99

Book Title:In the Presence of Enemies

Author:William J. Coughlin

Publisher:St. Martin's Press

Pub. Date:1993


Started:November 11, 2008

Finished:November 14, 2008

Time to Read:4 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"'Seldom does mystery/thriller fiction ring as true as this lucid, emotionally demanding book,'" said Publishers Weekly of the best-selling Shadow of a Doubt (SMP, 1991). Now, in his final work, former federal judge and veteran author William J. Coughlin combines an insightful look into our legal system with this beautifully crafted thriller.

When billionaire banker Augustus Daren dies, a history of front-page scandal lives on with his controversial will. At the center of the conflict is his beautiful widow, Elizabeth, left with control of the bank and now accused by her rich and embittered stepchildren of holding Daren in her thrall after his severe stroke. Not only are billions at stake, but also the power to lead Daren's bank to dominate the international banking scene. Living in her remote northern Michigan estate, Elizabeth is as threatened by the ambition and greed of those who work for her as by her known enemies.

To Jake Martin, a partner at a prestigious Detroit law firm, the case appears watertight, and he has a videotape of the signing of the will as proof. But when the tape disappears and key witnesses begin changing their stories, Jake finds that his own future is on the line. Unrealized resources of strength and determination force him to continue - to fight not simply the opposition, but the growing attraction he senses between himself and Elizabeth. As the court date approaches, Jake's position becomes increasingly isolated as Elizabeth's enemies become his own.

In the Presence of Enemies is an authentic and powerful legal drama written by a courtroom expert, with twists and surprises right up to its stunning conclusion."

Review:Reading this book, I found myself becoming emotionally involved. In a very deep way, I loved the characters of Elizabeth and Jake, I wanted to get to know them better, and beyond all else, I wanted them to win. It was all too easy to take their enemies as my own. At times, during the book, I felt deja vu - had this author foreseen the Anna Nicole Smith story with this plotline? At other times, I felt a bit comical, with some of the dated descriptions and technologies - ah, the early 1990s. But at all times, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am sorry that I started my literary journey with Coughlin with his last work - 15 years ago - instead of his first. Get a copy today!

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