Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Book 3: Last Witness

Book #:115

Book Title:Last Witness

Author:Jilliane Hoffman


Pub. Date:2005


Started:January 11, 2009

Finished:January 15, 2009

Time to Read:5 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Cops are dying. Hunted down while on patrol, they are being murdered, the brutal crime scenes deliberately staged, the possible signature of a serial killer. Dominick Falconetti, a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, is charged with heading a task force to investigate. Details at the crime scenes point to a possible drug connection, and when a highly placed gang member disappears, it reinforces Dominick's suspicions that the victims were all involved in something unsavory.

C.J. Townsend, the state prosecutor he has loved for the past three years - ever since they met on the infamous Cupid investigation - is getting the calls in the middle of the night as well. As the Assistant State Attorney who put Florida's last serial killer behind bars, she's the logical choice to help stop this one. But before long, C.J. begins to suspect that there may be another reason why cops are being viciously murdered. Only she can't tell. Because the explosive secret she possesses can never be revealed, lest a madman go free..."


Review:This is a FABULOUS book. The author's work in the law enforcement arena clearly shows in her exquisitely built characters, expertly crafted scenes, and flawless legal explanations. As a police wife, I immediately identified with the story line, and as someone who enjoys the heck out of legal thrillers, I was captivated from the first page through the last. I especially love the character of C.J. - a thoroughly human protagonist, who you can't help but love and who drags you through ups and downs as she (the character, that is - I have to remind myself that she's not real) goes through them herself. Kudos, kudos, kudos, and run out to grab this book TODAY!

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