Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 Book 9: Second Sight

Book #:121

Book Title:Second Sight

Author:Philip R. Craig and William G. Tapply

Pub. Date:2005


Started:February 15, 2009

Finished:February 19, 2009

Time to Read:5 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Philip R. Craig and William G. Tapply - veteran mystery novelists and longtime fishing buddies - are back with a second joint novel starring their respective series heroes, J.W. Jackson and Brady Coyne. And something big - something very big - is about to happen on beautiful Martha's Vineyard.

International superstar entertainers, top politicians, a former president, and the social elite will come together at the Celebration for Humanity, a musical extravaganza to be telecast live around the world. Headlining the show is legendary singer Evangeline, who's flying in from her Scotland castle, accompanied bty her young daughter, Janie.

Vineyard fisherman and sometime private investigator J.W. Jackson isn't much interested in pop music, but he agrees to take a job as the gorgeous Evangeline's driver and guide. The money is good and the company is intriguing.

J.W.'s Boston lawyer pal, Brady Coyne, also has business on the Vineyard. His old friend Mike Doyle is dying, and Mike wants to reconcile with his daughter, Christa, who is rumored to be on the Vineyard, before it's too late. Can Brady find her in time?

J.W.'s assignment gets deadly serious when the Celebration's director, Odgen Warner, is found murdered just days before the show is to open. Warner was known to be gruff and demanding, but his death is a shock to the cast and crew. Was it a random killing, or is there a murderer among them who might strike again? Could Evangeline be the next victim? Or is she a suspect?

The search for young Christa Doyle also turns complicated when Brady discovers that a charismatic religious leader may be holding her on an Island compound against her will. Christa and Evangeline live in very different worlds, yet Brady and J.W. find that they must weave together every thread of evidence if they are to save both women's lives.

Review:I'll admit that I've not read any other books by either of these two writers, but this particular work definitely makes me want to! Sometimes, it can be difficult to read a work that is a result of two literary minds - it can be disjointed, or make for a story line that is hard to follow. Neither is the case in Second Sight. These two writers come together masterfully to build a compelling story line that is equal parts suspenseful and homey/hilarious.

If I had any complaints, it would be that some of the characters are a bit cliche. Evangeline, that famous one-name singer, could evoke images of Cher or Madonna - pick your generation. And the reluctant investigator partnering with the gung-ho detective - a bit overdone at times.

All in all, however, a fun read that I think you'll enjoy!

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