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2009 Book 13: The Stone Circle

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Book Title:
The Stone Circle

Gary Goshgarian

Penguin Group

Pub. Date:


March 6, 2009

March 10, 2009

Time to Read:
5 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:
"Peter Van Zandt, a professor of archeology at a small liberal arts school north of Boston, makes a discovery that could boost his career...or destroy him.  Mourning the death of his beautiful wife, Linda, and attempting to be a good father to his six-year-old-son, Andy, Peter is hired to excavate a potentially remarkable early American archeological site on an island in Boston Harbor where a new casino resort is to be built.  Workers have unearthed the remains of a peculiar stone edifice, perhaps Celtic in origin, but Peter and his team of young volunteers have little time to determine its significance before construction begins.
As they uncover a circle of stones eerily reminiscent of Stonehenge, Peter finds himself assaulted by disturbing visions of his young son with his throat slashed, the burning of an accused witch at a stake, and a woman who seems to be his wife calling him from beyond. Peter leads the excavation at a frantic pace, discovering a skeleton that could be the witch from his dreams. Soon the lines between this world and the next begin to blur, until finally Peter is convinced that it is his wife, Linda, who beckons him from the other side. He will do anything to be with her again, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice at the stone circle."


One review that I read of this book prior to cracking it open myself said that if you like Stephen King and Dean Koontz, this is the book for you.  High words of praise...big shoes to fill.  My take?  At best, Stone Circle is King/Koontz lite.  Author Gary Goshgarian definitely works hard to build up suspense and make the reader wonder what's actually going on or what will come next.  But unfortunately, he often works too hard and leans on cliches and overdone story lines to advance his writing.  So he's my recommendation in a nutshell:  if you like King and Koontz but want a quick read that won't at all tax your brain, this is it.  But if you're looking for deeper writing or more developed characters that aren't modeled after a million others, you may want to move on.

If you have read or are planning to read this book, please make sure to stop back by and leave me a comment to let me know your own thoughts!

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