Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Book 74: Floaters

Book #:74

Book Title:Floaters

Author:Joseph Wambaugh


Pub. Date:1996

Started:August 22, 2008

Finished:August 24, 2008

Time to Read:3 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Harbor cops Fortney and Leeds have a good time patrolling San Diego's Mission Bay, scoping out body-sculpted beauties on pleasure craft, rescuing boating bozos who've run aground, and hauling in the occasional floater.

But now their days are anything but typical, for the America's Cup regattas have come to town and San Diego swarms with sailors, schemers, spies, and saboteurs, and the cuppies who want to love them. It's a randy cuppie named Blaze who tweaks their cop instincts that something's not quite right on the waterfront - and it's Blaze who sets off a bizarre criminal trail that would be hilarious if it didn't wind up just as nasty as it gets, with a pair of murders right on the eve of the biggest sailing race of all."

Review:If you want an insider's look at police drama, you read Joseph Wambaugh. In this piece, he combines the intrigue of police investigations with the high drama of the America's Cup. Don't get too attached to any of the main characters, though - with 3 murders and a suicide, not many are left standing at the end! Along the way, Wambaugh masterfully weaves together the lives of unlikely partners in crime and unlikelier bedfellows. A great read - you'll enjoy.

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