Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009 Book 20: The Innocent

Book #:132

Book Title:The Innocent

Author:Harlan Coben


Pub. Date:2005

Started:April 12, 2009

Finished:April 17, 2009

Time to Read:5 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"The horror of one night is forever etched in Matt Hunter's memory: the night he innocently tried to break up a fight - and ended up a killer. Now, nine years after his release from prison, his innocence long forgotten, he's an ex-con who takes nothing for granted. With his wife, Olivia, pregnant and the two of them closing on a house in his hometown, things are looking up. Until the day Matt gets a shocking, inexplicable video call from Olivia's phone. And in an instant, the unraveling process begins.

A mysterious man who'd begun tailing Matt turns up dead. A beloved nun is murdered. And local and federal authorities - including homicide investigator Loren Muse, a childhood schoolmate of Matt's with a troubled past of her own - see all signs pointing to a former criminal with one murder already under his belt: Matt Hunter. Unwilling to lose everything for a second time, Matt and Olivia are forced outside the law in a desperate attempt to save their future together.


Review:I loved just about everything about this novel - despite the fact that it relies on some pretty tired cliches. Let's get those out of the way first so I can concentrate on the good stuff. Ok, so the good guy who does one (semi-) bad thing, does time and comes out to establish a better life just seems to be the bread and butter of soap operas and movies. And good people fighting injustice outside of the law seems equally overdone. this book, with these expertly crafted characters, believable and livable setting, and fast moving top story, the cliches somehow work. In fact, they work so well that I was completely drawn into the story, and tried to picture what to do if Matt was my husband. Of course, this story isn't without a few twists...but they're ones you love...I can almost guarantee it! ENJOY!

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