Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009 Book 21: The Whole Truth

Book #:133

Book Title:The Whole Truth

Author:David Baldacci

Publisher:Grand Central Publishing

Pub. Date:2008


Started:April 18, 2009

Finished:April 22, 2009

Time to Read:4 Days

Back Cover / Inside Flap:"Dick, I need a war."

Nicolas Creel is a man on a mission. He heads up the world's largest defense contractor, The Ares Corporation. Dick Pender is the man Creel retains to "perception manage" his company to even more riches by manipulating international conflicts. But Creel may have an even grander plan in mind.

Shaw, a man with no first name and a truly unique past, has a different agenda. Reluctantly doing the bidding of a secret multinational intelligence agency, he travels the globe to keep it safe and at peace.

Willing to do anything to get back to the top of her profession, Katie James is a journalist who has just gotten the break of a lifetime: the chance to interview the sole survivor of a massacre that has left every nation stunned.


Review:I love this novel for all of the same reasons I loved the movie "Wag the Dog": because it's so outrageous, so unbelievably, so tawdry...that it could just almost be true. Or is it? Perception is life, life is perception, and the Ares Corporation wants to manage both. If you're interested in books that take you over to the deep, dark side of politics and multinational agencies, this is a great place to start. The characters just developed enough to be believable but still shadowy enough to lend intrigue. And the plot - what's going to happen next? You may think you know...but you'll be wrong more than right, and that will just leave you wanting more! Grab a copy today!

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